Source code for hwt.interfaces.std

from typing import TypeVar, Generic, Union, Optional, Dict

from hwt.hdl.constants import DIRECTION
from hwt.hdl.types.bits import Bits
from hwt.hdl.types.defs import BIT, BIT_N
from hwt.hdl.types.hdlType import HdlType
from hwt.interfaces.agents.bramPort import BramPortAgent
from hwt.interfaces.agents.bramPort import BramPort_withoutClkAgent
from hwt.interfaces.agents.fifo import FifoReaderAgent
from hwt.interfaces.agents.fifo import FifoWriterAgent
from hwt.interfaces.agents.handshaked import HandshakeSyncAgent
from hwt.interfaces.agents.handshaked import HandshakedAgent
from hwt.interfaces.agents.rdSynced import RdSyncedAgent
from hwt.interfaces.agents.regCntrl import RegCntrlAgent
from hwt.interfaces.agents.signal import SignalAgent
from hwt.interfaces.agents.vldSynced import VldSyncedAgent
from hwt.interfaces.signalOps import SignalOps
from hwt.synthesizer.interface import Interface
from hwt.synthesizer.param import Param
from hwtSimApi.agents.clk import ClockAgent
from hwtSimApi.agents.rst import PullDownAgent
from hwtSimApi.agents.rst import PullUpAgent
from hwtSimApi.hdlSimulator import HdlSimulator
from hwtSimApi.utils import freq_to_period


T = TypeVar("T", bound=HdlType)

[docs]class Signal(SignalOps, Interface, Generic[T]): """ Basic wire interface :ivar ~._dtype: type of signal :ivar ~._sig: RtlSignal instance (physical representation of this logical signal) :ivar ~._sigInside: _sig after to_rtl conversion is made (after to_rtl conversion _sig is signal for parent unit and _sigInside is signal in original unit, this separates process of translating units) :note: _sigInside is None if the body of component was not elaborated yet :ivar _isAccessible: flag which is set False if the signal is inside of some elaborated unit """
[docs] def __init__(self, dtype: HdlType=BIT, masterDir: DIRECTION=D.OUT, hdl_name:Optional[Union[str, Dict[str, str]]]=None, loadConfig: bool=True): self._sig = None self._sigInside = None self._isAccessible = True super().__init__(masterDir=masterDir, hdl_name=hdl_name, loadConfig=loadConfig) self._dtype = dtype
[docs] def _clean(self, lockNonExternal=True): """ :see: :func:`Interface._clean` """ self._sigInside = self._sig self._sig = None if lockNonExternal and not self._isExtern: self._isAccessible = False if self._interfaces: Interface._clean(self, lockNonExternal=lockNonExternal)
def __copy__(self): """ Create new instance of interface of same type and configuration """ intf = self.__class__(masterDir=self._masterDir, dtype=self._dtype) intf._updateParamsFrom(self) return intf
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = SignalAgent(sim, self)
[docs]def VectSignal(width: int, signed: Union[bool, None]=None, masterDir=D.OUT, hdl_name:Optional[Union[str, Dict[str, str]]]=None, loadConfig=True): """ Create basic :class:`.Signal` interface where type is vector """ return Signal(Bits(width, signed, force_vector=True), masterDir, hdl_name, loadConfig)
[docs]class Clk(Signal): """ Basic :class:`.Signal` interface which is interpreted as clock signal """ DEFAULT_FREQ = int(100e6)
[docs] def _config(self): self.FREQ = Param(self.DEFAULT_FREQ)
[docs] def _getIpCoreIntfClass(self): from hwt.interfaces.std_ip_defs import IP_Clk return IP_Clk
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = ClockAgent(sim, self, period=int(freq_to_period(self.FREQ)))
[docs]class Rst(Signal[Bits]): """ Basic :class:`.Signal` interface which is interpreted as reset signal """
[docs] def _getIpCoreIntfClass(self): from hwt.interfaces.std_ip_defs import IP_Rst return IP_Rst
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): clk = self._getAssociatedClk() self._ag = PullDownAgent(sim, self, initDelay=int(0.6 * freq_to_period(clk.FREQ)))
[docs]class Rst_n(Signal[Bits]): """ Basic :class:`.Signal` interface which is interpreted as reset signal with negative polarity (active in 0) """
[docs] def __init__(self, masterDir=D.OUT, dtype=BIT_N, hdl_name:Optional[Union[str, Dict[str, str]]]=None, loadConfig=True): super(Rst_n, self).__init__(masterDir=masterDir, dtype=dtype, hdl_name=hdl_name, loadConfig=loadConfig)
[docs] def _getIpCoreIntfClass(self): from hwt.interfaces.std_ip_defs import IP_Rst_n return IP_Rst_n
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): clk = self._getAssociatedClk() self._ag = PullUpAgent(sim, self, initDelay=int(0.6 * freq_to_period(clk.FREQ)))
[docs]class VldSynced(Interface): """ Interface data+valid signal, if vld=1 then data are valid and slave should accept them """
[docs] def _config(self): self.DATA_WIDTH = Param(64)
[docs] def _declr(self): = VectSignal(self.DATA_WIDTH) self.vld = Signal()
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = VldSyncedAgent(sim, self)
[docs]class RdSynced(Interface): """ Interface data+ready signal, if rd=1 then slave has read data and master should actualize data """
[docs] def _config(self): self.DATA_WIDTH = Param(64)
[docs] def _declr(self): = VectSignal(self.DATA_WIDTH) self.rd = Signal(masterDir=D.IN)
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = RdSyncedAgent(sim, self)
[docs]class Handshaked(VldSynced): """ Interface data+ready+valid signal, if rd=1 slave is ready to accept data, if vld=1 master is sending data, if rd=1 and vld=1 then data is transfered otherwise master and slave has to wait on each other :attention: one rd/vld is set it must not go down until transaction is made """
[docs] def _declr(self): super()._declr() self.rd = Signal(masterDir=D.IN)
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = HandshakedAgent(sim, self)
[docs]class HandshakeSync(Interface): """ Only synchronization interface, like vld+rd signal with meaning like in :class:`.Handshaked` interface :ivar ~.rd: when high slave is ready to receive data :ivar ~.vld: when high master is sending data to slave transaction happens when both ready and valid are high """
[docs] def _declr(self): self.vld = Signal() self.rd = Signal(masterDir=D.IN)
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = HandshakeSyncAgent(sim, self)
[docs]class ReqDoneSync(Interface): """ Synchronization interface, if req=1 slave begins operation and when it's done it asserts done=1 for one clk tick req does not need to stay high """
[docs] def _declr(self): self.req = Signal() self.done = Signal(masterDir=D.IN)
[docs]class BramPort_withoutClk(Interface): """ Basic BRAM port """
[docs] def _config(self): self.ADDR_WIDTH = Param(32) self.DATA_WIDTH = Param(64) self.HAS_R = Param(True) self.HAS_W = Param(True) self.HAS_BE = Param(False)
[docs] def _declr(self): assert self.HAS_R or self.HAS_W, "has to have at least read or write part" self.addr = VectSignal(self.ADDR_WIDTH) DATA_WIDTH = self.DATA_WIDTH if self.HAS_W: self.din = VectSignal(DATA_WIDTH) if self.HAS_R: self.dout = VectSignal(DATA_WIDTH, masterDir=D.IN) self.en = Signal() if (self.HAS_R and self.HAS_W) or (self.HAS_W and self.HAS_BE): # in write only mode we do not need this as well as we can use "en" if self.HAS_BE: assert DATA_WIDTH % 8 == 0, DATA_WIDTH self.we = VectSignal(DATA_WIDTH // 8) else: self.we = Signal()
[docs] def _getWordAddrStep(self): """ :return: size of one word in unit of address """ return 1
[docs] def _getAddrStep(self): """ :return: how many bits is one unit of address (e.g. 8 bits for char * pointer, 36 for 36 bit bram) """ return int(self.DATA_WIDTH)
[docs] def _getIpCoreIntfClass(self): from hwt.interfaces.std_ip_defs import IP_BlockRamPort return IP_BlockRamPort
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = BramPort_withoutClkAgent(sim, self)
[docs]class BramPort(BramPort_withoutClk): """ BRAM port with it's own clk """
[docs] def _declr(self): self.clk = Signal(masterDir=D.OUT) with self._associated(clk=self.clk): super()._declr() self._make_association(clk=self.clk)
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = BramPortAgent(sim, self)
[docs]class FifoWriter(Interface): """ FIFO write port interface """
[docs] def _config(self): self.DATA_WIDTH = Param(8)
[docs] def _declr(self): self.en = Signal() self.wait = Signal(masterDir=D.IN) if self.DATA_WIDTH: = VectSignal(self.DATA_WIDTH)
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = FifoWriterAgent(sim, self)
[docs] def _getIpCoreIntfClass(self): from hwt.interfaces.std_ip_defs import IP_FifoWriter return IP_FifoWriter
[docs]class FifoReader(Interface): """ FIFO read port interface """
[docs] def _config(self): FifoWriter._config(self)
[docs] def _declr(self): FifoWriter._declr(self) self.en._masterDir = D.IN self.wait._masterDir = D.OUT
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = FifoReaderAgent(sim, self)
[docs] def _getIpCoreIntfClass(self): from hwt.interfaces.std_ip_defs import IP_FifoReader return IP_FifoReader
[docs]class RegCntrl(Interface): """ Register control interface, :class:`.Signal` for read, :class:`.VldSynced` for write """
[docs] def _config(self): self.DATA_WIDTH = Param(8) self.USE_IN = Param(True) self.USE_OUT = Param(True)
[docs] def _declr(self): if self.USE_IN: self.din = VectSignal(self.DATA_WIDTH, masterDir=D.IN) if self.USE_OUT: with self._paramsShared(): self.dout = VldSynced()
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = RegCntrlAgent(sim, self)