Source code for hwt.interfaces.unionIntf

from hwt.hdl.constants import DIRECTION
from hwt.interfaces.agents.unionIntf import UnionSourceAgent
from hwt.interfaces.std import Handshaked
from hwt.interfaces.structIntf import StructIntf
from hwt.math import log2ceil
from hwtSimApi.hdlSimulator import HdlSimulator

[docs]class UnionSink(StructIntf): """ Interface generated from HUnion HDL type Used when consumer chooses which member of union should be used. """
[docs] def _declr(self): StructIntf._declr(self) self._select = Handshaked() self._select.DATA_WIDTH = log2ceil(len(self._dtype.fields))
[docs]class UnionSource(UnionSink): """ Same like `UnionSink` but producer is selecting member of union which should be used. """
[docs] def _declr(self): StructIntf._declr(self) self._select = Handshaked(masterDir=DIRECTION.IN) self._select.DATA_WIDTH = log2ceil(len(self._dtype.fields))
[docs] def _initSimAgent(self, sim: HdlSimulator): self._ag = UnionSourceAgent(sim, self)